The spinning suspense of Magic Wheel will command attention every time the Magic Wheel Mistress spins the wheel. The system randomly selects a lucky player as the winner.

At any given time, a bell rings and a steam train crosses all lanes, attracting everyone’s attention.
The train stops, leaving a wagon in front of each lane.
All the wagon doors open and one of the wagons wins.
Arrows on the other wagons point to the lane of the lucky winner.

Based solely on luck and similar to regular lotto, several balls are picked and a winner is selected.
Several balls will roll onto the screen, and once the customer receives four matching colored balls, you win!

The traditional poker game takes on a new twist.
Each player has their own hand and additional cards are dealt if bowlers achieve a designated hot shot.
At the end of the game the system automatically calculates the winner.

Just like being at the Fair… an animated on screen character hits a lever with a sledgehammer and attempts to make the bell ring.

Eight all time classic games for the competitive bowlers longing for no-frills action. BES X offers a complete set of six classic variations on the traditional bowling game plus two new games, “Odd Duck” and “Even Better,” another BES X exclusive.